The Definitive Listing
of Property for Sale
in Mutare


Zim-Properties presents houses and
property for sale in Zimbabwe, and lists
houses available in all popular suburbs
of Mutare, such as Murambi, Fairbridge
Park, Florida, Greenside, Morningside,
Westlea, Chikanga, Dangamvura and

Our Latest Properties for Sale

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230 - Greenside, Mutare

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Brick under tile, 4 bedrooms, 2 lounges, swimming pool, 3 roomed cottage. Available immediately.

229 - Lower Vumba, Zimbabwe

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Three bedroom house on 2 hectares, with young Macadmia plantation. 17km from Mutare

228 - Light Industrial Sites, Mutare

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Large Industrial complex of 4 stands, each with title deeds. Seperate stand offers invited

227 - Dangamvura 16, Mutare

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3 bedroomed house of block under IBR. Title - Cession

226 - Morningside

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Brick under tile on 2400m2. Seven bedrooms, two lounges.

225 - Greenside, Mutare

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Well maintained 3 bedroom house of brick under tile, with pine ceilings and parquet flooring

224 - Dangamvura 3, Mutare

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Four roomed house with title deeds on 300m2

222 - Dangamvura 16, Mutare

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Three bedroom house of brick under asbestos on 300m2

219 - Valley of Kings

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2 Hectare smallholding suitable for agriculture.

218 - Zimta, Mutare

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Newly built 4 bedrooms - BIC, MES. House of brick under tile on 300m2

Our Listings

Our listings include: rural and urban
residential, commercial, and industrial
properties for sale.

We have a selection of houses and
property in the Eastern Highlands
region, such as Nyanga and
Juliasdale. We also present numerous
plots, stands and land for sale
throughout Manicaland.

We Dont...

inflate our lists with
properties that have
already been sold!


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