The Definitive Listing
of Property for Sale
in Mutare


Zim-Properties presents houses and
property for sale in Zimbabwe, and lists
houses available in all popular suburbs
of Mutare, such as Murambi, Fairbridge
Park, Florida, Greenside, Morningside,
Westlea, Chikanga, Dangamvura and

Our Latest Properties for Sale

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183 - Greenside, Mutare

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5 bedroom brick under tile house on a walled and gated 1602m2 plot.

182 - Chiredzi, Zimbabwe

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Residential, Commercial and Industrial stands, various sizes
Individually Priceddetails

181 - Hob House, Mutare

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Three bedroomed brick under asbestos house on 300m2 corner stand. Cession

180 - Zimta, Mutare

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Four bedroom house of brick under asbestos, on 300m2

179 - Fern Valley, Mutare

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Large, five bedroom brick house on 3.5ha, with title deeds

178 - Chikanga 3, Mutare

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Two bedroom house on a 300m2 corner stand.

177 - Chikanga 2, Mutare

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Three bedroom house of block, with extension. Title deeds available.

176 - Irene Township

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Plot of 1.8ha arable land

174 - Marondera

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Three bedroom house in Paradise park. Title deeds available

173 - Chikanga 2, Mutare

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Incomplete four bedroom brick under shale pararpet house on 300m2. Cession

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Our Listings

Our listings include: rural and urban
residential, commercial, and industrial
properties for sale.

We have a selection of houses and
property in the Eastern Highlands
region, such as Nyanga and
Juliasdale. We also present numerous
plots, stands and land for sale
throughout Manicaland.

We Dont...

inflate our lists with
properties that have
already been sold!


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